You can watch these here or pop open on YouTube.

This is before The Emotionally Destructive Marriage came out, and Leslie clarifies the differences between disappointing, difficult, and destructive marriages. It’s helpful especially when you’re trying to help someone so that you don’t address one like it’s the other.

This is an awesome webinar that Leslie Vernick did with Chris Moles who is also just a breath of fresh air. He’s working with abusers and has such a great perspective for and compassion on those who are involved with them. I can’t stress how great this video is for really hearing what’s going on.

Chris has a book too that we’ll post more about later, but if you’re trying to help someone who you think might be an abuser, read his book. Warning: he’s not going to let you off the hook for not dealing with this stuff, but he’ll do it in a West Virginia accent so it’ll sound a little bit more pleasant.

*The first couple chapters and the assessment for your marriage are available here.