violence isn’t always “violent”

Keeping quiet, not speaking your mind, not wanting to rock the boat, justifying bad behaviors as “oh, I must be overreacting” are all signs that you’re not listening to your inner voice. Anytime you’re in indecision about whether or not you should be upset about something- there’s a good chance you’re ignoring that inner voice.

 –Tamara Star
Tamara Star wrote a great post about the non-physical types of abuse and how to identify them. She also explains what kind of person might be more likely to end up in an emotionally abusive marriage. (Note to parents: Letting kids have their own opinions may protect them from a world of hurt later in life.)
For another way of understanding what power-control relationships look like compared to mutual honor relationships, Brad Hambrick, whose book we recommend on our books to start with page, explains this so well.

Once you see it, and really get it, you’ll look backwards and forwards with such clarity that you’ll never miss the signs again. –Tamara Star

 Ah hope. It’s a beautiful thing.

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